Network marketing, which is a kind of word-of-mouth marketing, has a hot market in our country these days. There is a lot of talk among young Iranians about network marketing and network marketing.

There is a lot of talk these days about getting rich through network marketing among Iranian boys and girls. The desire to get rich through subsets that always make money for them in any situation.

In this article, I want to talk about network marketing and the facts that exist. What is Network Marketing? What is network marketing? Network marketing, also known as multilevel marketing, is a way for companies to sell their products and services without the hassle of advertising. In fact, in this marketing method, products are sold for free and by customers. Anyone can sell their products in exchange for a commission from the company.

This is exactly the case in Iran. People buy products from the company and sell them in bulk or even individually to those around them and anyone they know. Of course, the difference between this method and other marketing methods is that for sales and more revenue, you can use other people, so-called subsets. In this way, the more active subsets you have and the more sales they can generate, the better for you. A certain percentage of product sales will be credited to your account by your subsets. The basic premise of network marketing is to have active subsets. Otherwise, you can not earn that much on your own.

When did network marketing start in Iran? Network Marketing in Iran In Iran, companies wanted to do network marketing legally, and their number was increasing day by day. This led the government and parliament to decide to send several representatives from Iran to the United States to verify the legality of this. Iranian envoys sent to the United States were able to conduct the necessary investigations and receive the necessary training to start such a business in Iran. They also obtained international degrees from American universities and returned to Iran with their hands full.

After that, the deputies presented a plan in the parliament and the government that was approved in the country and officially announced in 1390 that network marketing or network marketing has no legal problems and prohibitions and any company can operate legally. Start in Iran. It was then that about 90 companies applied for licenses, with the government, the Ministry of Industry and Mines and the Awareness Police announcing heavy licensing rules as a precaution. The license was revoked.

Currently, companies such as Badran, Panbehriz and Biz MLM are among the most famous network marketing companies in Iran, and anyone in Iran who wants to start network marketing works from one of these companies. Network marketing in Iran has grown very well so far and can make a lot of progress in the future. What is the difference between network marketing and pyramid schemes?

In pyramid schemes like Gold Quest, there was no commodity to buy and sell, and people received money from the subsets they received. This was exactly the aimless work, and in the end, the people who were members of these systems were dealt with as illegal work in our country. But in network marketing and network marketing that is now seen in Iran, first the sale of the product and then the sub-collection is a condition. This is the only reason why many companies operating in Iran in this way have been licensed to do business.

In fact, according to many experts, the activities of these companies and the products they offer have greatly contributed to the economic cycle of our country. Facts About Network Marketing What is network marketing like in Iran? As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, activity in pyramid schemes and so-called network marketing has increased in Iran. With each passing day, the number of members in these systems is increasing. Maybe those around you are also members of these systems.

You may have heard these persuasive phrases: If you want to achieve your dreams If you want to earn 20 million a month If you want to achieve financial independence and have your hand in your pocket If you want to live in luxury Come join me and join the system and start the card. Very comfortable! You just have to come to the system and start working. How long do you want to work for the people? Did you think you could get somewhere with a salary of one or two million a month?

You must have heard these sentences! If you have not heard, I have heard as much as you want. Many of my friends were involved in network marketing, and I dare say they worked a little harder on me. Leaving this aside, such promises may be true to some extent! Anyone who puts in a lot of effort in everything will undoubtedly achieve his goal. But do you think anyone has reached this position with network marketing in Iran?

Those who have now reached 20 to 30 million Tomans per month through network marketing have undoubtedly made a lot of efforts and were among the first people to enter this field. The so-called leaders that are now in place in network marketing companies

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